Month: April, 2013

Glass Mosaic

Climbing Rose Laylight

Weeping Cherry Entry

This set of windows were made for a home in upstate New York. From the dozens of sketches I made at the beginning of the project, I proposed a design that had the solidity of an established old-growth Cherry balanced with the lightness of flowering branches lightly draping across the multiple windows of the installation. […]

Japanese Black Pine Fireplace Sidelights

Climbing Rose Entry and Windows

Over the past several years, we’ve been working with Shawn Kammerer of the Craftsman Door Company to create one-of-a-kind entries for homes all over the Bay Area. It’s not easy to find the set of skills Shawn brings to every project: an understanding of aesthetics, an extremely well crafted product and solid business practices. I’m […]

Round Wisteria Window

We made this bathroom window for a client who desired privacy and the color of lavender wisteria that adorns the front of his home. We also designed wisteria windows for the entry and will post those images at the end of the project.

New Door Designs

We’ve just shipped out three new designs for craftsman style entries. The Magnolia design went to Renton Washington and was inspired by a tree that was nearly taken out by an ice storm January, 2012. My client wrote ‘Within three minutes a tree fell on my wife’s car and the Magnolia broke in half, the […]

Mcdonald Mansion wins a Palladio Award

The team of Steve Rynerson and Paul Duchscherer has won a Palladio Award for the restoration of the McDonald Mansion in Santa Rosa, CA. Mableton’s Map Room is a newly-created mezzanine-level room accessed via the Library’s spiral stair and catwalk. As the name implies, the room houses the owners’ collection of antique maps, and the […]

New George Washington Maher Inspired Designs

I was contacted last year with a dream project; to create some Maher-esque glass and mosaic designs for a home inspired by his Prairie School work. Maher, one of my favorite architects, used leaded glass and mosaic in many of his commissions throughout his career. I used the mosaic from the Schultz House in Kenilworth, […]

New Lighting Design

We worked closely with woodworker Bernie Jungle to create this custom dining room light.