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Oak Tree Leaded Glass Entry

This project started with a visit to the site in Tehachapi, California. Walking the site with the client, it became clear that the subject of the window would be the old Oak trees that grew from rock out-croppings with a background inspired by the sweeping landscape of Central California.

Leaded Glass Wisteria and Oak Door Windows

We just installed a pair of windows for a home designed by Walter Steilberg in the 1920’s. The original plans show leaded glass in the two main entry doors that were highly geometric abstractions. The homeowner hired me to design and build windows that retained the framework and introduced a more organic design.

New Japanese Maple Design

This project started out as a commission for our Japanese Maple door set, a design we’ve produced a few times over the years.  As I often do, I sketched to come up with a different approach, something that would incorporate more of the tree as I did in a recent commission for a client in […]