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Oak Tree Leaded Glass Entry

This project started with a visit to the site in Tehachapi, California. Walking the site with the client, it became clear that the subject of the window would be the old Oak trees that grew from rock out-croppings with a background inspired by the sweeping landscape of Central California.

Thorson House

One of the benefits of starting by business in Oakland was having an example of Greene & Greene’s architecture next door in Berkeley. The Thorson House features a lot of the fine detailing found in the larger residences they built in Pasadena and has provided a lot of inspiration for my work over the years. […]

Details from Greene & Greene’s Darling House

Here are detail images of the work shown in Bruce Smith’s book from my previous post. Shot with available light, these capture how the windows look under everyday conditions. See more images from this project here. Music room windows: Living room windows: Master bedroom door backlit:

Greene & Greene: Developing A California Architecture

I was pleased to see our work in Bruce Smith’s new book Greene & Greene: Developing A California Architecture  on page 49. It shows the interior of the Darling House in Claremont, California. See more images from this project here.