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Ray Lindquist 1957-2014

Ray Lindquist was a good craftsman, a good collaborator, and a good guy. He built the steel frames for our laylights for over 10 years. To call him a highly skilled craftsman is an understatement. Sometimes I’d get calls from out-of-state contractors, nervous about placing stained glass over their client’s heads: Would it be safe? […]

Climbing Rose Laylight

Autumn Leaf Laylight

I’m often asked what the difference is between a skylight and a laylight. A skylight is the opening in the roof that allows light to pass; more specifically it’s the panel that keeps the elements out. A laylight is a glazed panel set flush with the ceiling for admitting natural or artificial lighting. Our laylights […]

Prairie School Laylight in Connecticut

We made this custom panel for a dining room in Greenwich, Connecticut with the architect Nancy Lovas. She came up with a novel solution for how to access the lights above; she put the steel reinforced panel on a mechanical lowering system typically used for chandeliers. I think she did a fine job illuminating this […]