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Sullivanesque Leaded Glass Windows

Inspired by the ornamental glass designs of Louis Sullivan and Purcell and Elmslie, these windows were commissioned for a home here in Oakland where a balance of privacy and light transmission was desired. I localized the design by creating an oak and acorn motif rather than the acanthus leaf favored by Sullivan. By using lead […]

Art Tiles in the Prairie School

I contributed to a series of articles in the Journal of the American Art Pottery Association written by Richard D. Mohr, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at University of Illinois and author of numerous articles on art and architecture for Architectural Record, Art Issues and Style 1900. This is essential reading for fans of Prairie School […]

Prairie School Laylight in Connecticut

We made this custom panel for a dining room in Greenwich, Connecticut with the architect Nancy Lovas. She came up with a novel solution for how to access the lights above; she put the steel reinforced panel on a mechanical lowering system typically used for chandeliers. I think she did a fine job illuminating this […]

Darwin Martin House Window at Auction

Just saw this on Prairiemod, a Darwin Martin House Window is being auctioned and the auction house has made a high resolution image of the windows available. Take a look here and click on the ‘look closer’ icon. Looking closely at Wright’s most famous glass design there is a lot to see: the variation in […]