Sashiko Fireplace Mosaic

by Theodore Ellison

This glass fireplace mosaic was inspired by Sashiko, a Japanese embroidery technique using white cotton thread on indigo dyed fabric. Sashiko was often used to reinforce and strengthen clothing and functional textiles to extend their utility, and it similarly suits this 100 year old house whose fireplace needed help. The original tile pavers were discolored and chipped and the client wanted something modern that would also suit the 100 year old Craftsman interior. We created the mosaic in our workshop and mounted it on two pieces of cement backboard for the face and hearth. 

We also made the fireplace screen. We used high-temperature magnets to hold the screen in place. Since this is a gas insert, access is rarely needed; the screen simply releases with a gentle pull from a handle milled into the underside of the top rail. The screen also obscures the less-than-convincing imitation logs. 

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