Month: June, 2012

Prairie School Laylight in Connecticut

We made this custom panel for a dining room in Greenwich, Connecticut with the architect Nancy Lovas. She came up with a novel solution for how to access the lights above; she put the steel reinforced panel on a mechanical lowering system typically used for chandeliers. I think she did a fine job illuminating this […]

On View at the Oakland Museum

When you go see the Daniel Clowes exhibition at the Oakland Museum, be sure to see my leaded glass window on view not far from the Diebenkorns, Langes, Arnesons and McMillans. Don’t ask anyone where it is even though it’s installed as part of the Permanent Collection. I was able to smuggle in a camera […]

The Glass We Use

Here’s a detail from a window we made for a home in Georgia. The glass in the tree, background and flowers was made in Oregon, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Indiana. The bird is made out of blown glass remnants made by Evan Chambers in Pasadena, California. I met Evan 7 years ago at the […]

Catalog Windows in a Maher Designed Home

At the turn of the 20th century, leaded glass windows in common homes was typical; however, these weren’t the architect designed windows that were widely published at the time, but designs chosen from catalogs that were printed by the various glass manufacturers of the day. Several years ago, on a trip to Chicago to photograph […]